Diploma in Architecture Assistantship is mother of all Arts and a playground for all scientific applications. A good grooming in architecture paves way for an all-knowing-practical-personality.Architecture assistant-ship” gives a knowledge of all aspects of architecture profession, building sceneries and construction”

Nature of Job

  • Diploma in Architecture Assistantship holders are supposed to prepare working drawings of buildings and should have basic knowledge of the important materials like; stones, bricks, lime, cement, paints, timber, exterior and interior finishes, glass, plastics, building hardware, roofing materials, additives and admixtures, adhesives etc.
  • To know, design and execute building interiors.
  • To prepare working drawings of various fittings and fixtures and water supply and sanitary installations.
  • To prepare the municipal drawings to get them sanctioned from the local development body.
  • To prepare architectural models.
  • To create, manipulate and manage 2D drawings for interior projects with the help of Computer Aided Drafting and Design
  • To prepare structural drawings, working drawings and detailed drawings of various components of buildings with the help of graphic representation.